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Sebastian Ibarra

Associate Strategy Director, Spark44

Sebastian Ibarra is the North America Social and Digital Content Lead at Spark44, Jaguar Land Rover’s joint agency venture. Sebastian oversees marketing and communications strategy for all Jaguar Land Rover social activity, influencer marketing, and partnership integration.

Previous to Spark44, Sebastian spent a few years at various agencies, including R/GA, where he built some of the most loved brands in social, including Mercedes-Benz, Bud Light, Corona, Tiffany & Co., BMW, Hennessy, Belvedere Vodka, and Toyota. Prior to advertising, Sebastian spent two years working in the Sales Marketing team at Universal Music Group. On the side, he has taught digital strategy courses at the Miami Ad School.

One of Sebastian’s biggest passions is travel, as he believes this allows you to see life form different perspectives, and ultimately, approach work from various angles. He believes that being exposed to other cultures allows one to address work and life in a more objective manner – he’s also a big techno music fan.

Sebastian currently lives in New York. He holds a degree from Northeastern University yet, he never attended campus since he did his degree fully online to explore career options. Just as the marketing mix was disrupted, Sebastian truly believes most of academia will become digital.

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