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Malick Mercier


Malick Mercier is a Journalism major at Ithaca College and student journalist working to tell the stories of his generation. He is most known for hosting Instagram’s coverage of the
March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C. on the official @Instagram account. Malick has since worked with Teen Vogue to urge young people to vote in the midterms, to interview NYT-bestselling author Aija Mayrock, and as their correspondent on the ground for the Summer of Peace March in Chicago, IL.

Malick has also moderated panels for Instagram in New York City and Austin, TX. He recently launched this news on IGTV -- a news show for young people on the platform they love -- and has reported on youth homelessness in Denver, CO among other issues across America for the show. Malick loves using his platform to tell other people’s stories, but often takes a pause to tell his own stories -- whether that be about social media struggles, body image, or mental health -- to help his peers know that they’re all in this together.

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