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Amanda Fraga

VP of Fan Insights, Live Nation

Amanda Fraga’s insatiable curiosity for human behavior and culture has made her a lifetime student of consumer insights and trends. As the Experience Economy shifts its way into making
products and services commoditized, Amanda has translated her consumer and brand knowledge into the ever-evolving media landscape surrounding live experiences at Live Nation.

As companies seek to culturally contribute to society and engage more personally with their consumers, Amanda uncovers meaningful insight about fandom and the future of entertainment
to help drive connection and change. At Live Nation, she leads up Fan Insights, pushing the boundaries of traditional research to tell the passionate stories of live music fans, from environments where culture is created. Beyond Live Nation, her consulting background has led her to believe that in order for any
successful organization to thrive in today’s ever-changing environment, it’s important to hold ourselves accountable by meeting the needs of consumers. Her past work includes connecting with Millennial and Gen Z youth to help drive the future of Fortune 500 organizations – leading
strategy/innovation projects from global brand positioning to new product development.

Her stories have been featured in Fast Company, Billboard and The Boston Globe, among others.

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