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Emily Anatole

Director, Fan & Partner Insights, Live Nation

Emily Anatole synthesizes consumer behavior and culture, and translates it into meaningful opportunities for brands. With nearly a decade of experience in youth insights, research, and trends, Emily has developed the superpower of uncovering what’s next and why – and applying it across categories. Though she has a pulse on trends from fashion and food to tech and travel, Emily’s deep passion for entertainment led her to Live Nation, where she runs quarterly studies on the intersection of live music and different industries. By monitoring marketplace shifts and the mindsets, motivations, and behaviors of live music fans, Emily helps brands discover how they can best engage consumers and have a relevant role in culture.

Prior to Live Nation, Emily was Insights Director at youth insights firm Cassandra, where she led the Cassandra Report, a syndicated study covering the emerging attitudes, habits, and lifestyles of Millennials and Gen Zs. Some days she was “in the wild” conducting focus groups and guiding brands on trendspotting excursions, while others, she was combing through data and industry news to surface patterns. Emily found her love for insights and trends at the start of her career when she worked for Ypulse and ran the Ypulse Daily Newsletter, a source for intel
about young generations.

Emily has written generational insights for numerous publications including Forbes, MediaPost,
and the Huffington Post.

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