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Marcie Merriman

Americas Cultural Insights and Consumer Strategy Leader, EY

Marcie is an internationally recognized leader in cultural anthropology and retail strategy, having her work featured in publications, such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes.

Marcie has spent 25 years working with teams to anticipate disruption and propel growth through human-centric strategies. Within EY, Marcie leads a practice focused on helping organizations understand the nuances of human behaviors and the organizational implications that can be addressed through improved experiences, including the deployment of digital technologies.

Prior to joining EY, Marcie was an executive with Victoria’s Secret, and a successful business leader and entrepreneur: First, as a partner in global retail design firm, Big Red Rooster (acquired by JLL), then as founder of experience strategy firm, PrimalGrowth (acquired by EY). Marcie speaks globally on topics related to changing consumer behaviors and corporate strategic response. Recent keynotes include: Dubai Global Economic Summit, Forbes CMO Summit and ICSC NEXUS.

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