Julien Rosenbloom

Senior Partner, JÜV Consulting                

Julien Rosenbloom is a Senior Partner at JÜV Consulting and a rising sophomore in the School of Arts and Sciences at Rutgers University-New Brunswick studying political science and economics. He was born in Venice, Italy, has spent most of his life in High Bridge, New Jersey, and currently resides in New Brunswick, New Jersey. As a Senior Partner, Julien works to manage a diverse portfolio of work for his clients and a diverse team to collaborate with. Having been with JÜV from its early days, he has worked extensively on both internal and external affairs and is excited to continue to grow the capacity and quality of JÜV as a company and resource.

Outside of JÜV, Julien manages the legislative portfolio and directs lobbying efforts of the Rutgers University Student Assembly as chair of the Legislative Affairs Committee, and is also a consulting analyst for the Rutgers Consulting Group, having recently advised an international procurement firm on penetrating a new market. He also debates on the collegiate circuit and directs the Campaign for a Presidential Youth Council and its subsidiary efforts. With a distinct bend towards advocating for youth and their interests, he has developed a unique management style and is known for his ability to take these issues to the forefront of discussions he is involved in.

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