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The World's First All Digital Modelling Agency

From AR, to VR, artificial intelligence is no doubt at the heart of tech innovation for the marketing world and beyond, with the next generation of consumers growing up with these exciting tech developments all around them. A case in point is the rise of virtual influencers - CGI and AI animated online personalities, garnering massive followings on social channels that Gen Z interact with daily.

Photographer & visual artist Cameron-James Wilson will share the story of The Diigitals - the world’s first all-digital modelling agency, utilising the rising accessibility of technology, and taking the first steps into a new frontier of digital exploration. He’ll demonstrate the potential of 3D fashion modelling and showcase its applications for innovative brands, while also explaining some of the further ramifications to their work around the themes of 3D apparel design, sustainability and social media interaction.

Cameron-James Wilson  Shudu.gram / The Diigitals

Cameron-James Wilson
Shudu.gram / The Diigitals

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