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The Intersection of Marketing And Activism

How and why to engage with socio-political issues is more important than ever for brands, with young consumers in particular now making decisions based on a brand’s affiliation with social causes they’re passionate about. How can brands effectively use their resources to do good? What are the risks and rewards? And what is actually resonating with Gen Z today? 

In this session, Civic Nation’s Jessica Blair will lead a Q&A discussing all of the above, with Maxwell Zorick - Social Impact Director at MTV. They’ll also be joined by Samer Hassan - student activist in the civic engagement space - who’ll offer a real youth perspective on how young people feel about brands getting involved with politics.


Jessica Blair  Civic Nation

Jessica Blair
Civic Nation



Maxwell Zorick  MTV

Maxwell Zorick

Samer Hassan  University of Columbia / Young Invincibles

Samer Hassan
University of Columbia / Young Invincibles

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