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Panel: The Last Taboos For Young People

Casual sex, reproductive rights, ending period poverty, sexual assault on campus - today’s young people are taking controversial socio-political issues into their own hands, striving to push boundaries in ways previous generations either couldn’t, or wouldn’t. In that same spirit, this panel will bring together representatives from organisations tackling taboos in their own unique way, to discuss why having these conversations is so important to Gen Z, and why brands have a responsibility to join the dialogue. Our line-up: 

  • Nadya Okomoto - Founder and Executive Director of PERIOD - the largest youth-run NGO for women’s health, committed to ending period poverty and period stigma, and driven by the belief that readily available menstrual products is a basic human right.

  • Tracey Vitchers - Executive Director of It’s On Us - the nation’s largest student organizing program preventing sexual assault on college campuses, and herself an expert on sexual violence prevention and survivor support.

  • Jenny Campbell - Chief Marketing Officer at Tinder - the world’s most popular app for online dating, shaping brand and marketing strategies to promote inclusive sexuality.

  • Kate Cartagena - Youth Organizing Program Manager at Planned Parenthood - part of a trailblazing movement for reproductive freedom, with a specific focus on building strategic relationships with college campuses to raise awareness of intimate partner violence.


Joi Freeman  Remnant Strategy

Joi Freeman
Remnant Strategy

Nadya Okamoto  PERIOD

Nadya Okamoto

Tracey Vitchers  It’s On Us

Tracey Vitchers
It’s On Us

Jenny Campbell  Tinder

Jenny Campbell

Kate Cartagena  Planned Parenthood

Kate Cartagena
Planned Parenthood

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