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The Ad Is Dead. Long Live Advertising.

For years now, critics of all kind have been prophesying the death of advertising. Whether brought by the VHS, TiVo, Social Media, Ad Blockers, Netflix, AR, AI, or the demonetization of YouTube videos, the Adpocalypse is coming - and yes, just like the night, it is dark and full of terrors. It is human nature to fantasize about the end of times; and ad people, well, let’s just say we have a very fertile imagination. But while some choose to ride their horses trumpeting the upcoming doom of the advertising world, the other have set sail aboard their arks, carrying examples of all sorts of creative animals. Come find out how Burger King plans to survive global warming, denying doomsayers the pleasure of the King's demise. Because the ad might be dead. But advertising is definitely alive - and still kicking some serious ass.

Marcelo Pascoa  Burger King

Marcelo Pascoa
Burger King

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