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The Youth Wave Is Here: Turning Cause Campaigns Into Movements

Young people today not only expect brands to stand up for what they believe in, they want brands to engage them in their social impact efforts. But building awareness is one thing; driving action is an entirely different challenge—particularly among the sometimes sceptical, hard-to-reach Generation Z.

Meredith Ferguson - Managing Director at DoSomething Strategic - will share the causes young people are passionate about, and dive into the core tenants of supporting and engaging Gen Z around cause. Based on's work activating over 6 million young people (ages 13-25) in 131 countries for social good—both online and offline—over the past 25 years, she will share what works and what doesn't, who's doing it well and who isn't, and the rules you need to know to build a marketing strategy that turns your campaign into a movement.

Meredith Ferguson  DoSomething Strategic

Meredith Ferguson
DoSomething Strategic

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