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The TikTok Takeover: What Is Effective Creative?

If you know about Gen Z, then you will have - or should have - heard about TikTok.

Put simply, TikTok is an app for creating and sharing short-form videos covering a wide range of categories - from comic skits to viral challenges. Created by Chinese company ByteDance back in 2018, buzz grew as videos created on the platform went viral on other social networks and celebrities joined its ranks. Collaborative, personality-driven, and addictive, the app now boasts over 500 million users, with roughly 60% of those aged 16-24.

Stefan Heinrich - Global Head of Brand Marketing at TikTok - will share the story of the app’s stratospheric success, and why in a world where “imperfect is the new perfect”, TikTok has been able to resonate so well with Gen Z; a generation who doesn’t want to be advertised to, at a time when attention spans are shorter & attention to detail is getting more important. He’ll discuss what excites today’s youth, and what having a “success formula” in marketing means now, and in 2020.

Stefan Heinrich  TikTok

Stefan Heinrich

Later Event: September 18
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