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How Community And Conversational AI Powered The Most Engaging Reddit Ad Of All Time

With the peak of the chatbot hype cycle 3 years behind us, the world has been waiting for that “killer use case” that would render automated conversational marketing a key component in the advertising toolkit—and the Chucky chatbot, developed to promote the summer 2019 remake of the horror flick Child’s Play on Reddit--delivered just that, setting a record for Reddit ads with more than 42,000 comments in the span of a few days. As Gen Z starts to move from “me” to “we,” bringing a brand-powered bot into the community setting changed the way users interacted with both the bot and each other, essentially building a new fan community around a shared experience.

In this talk, Liz Snower, co-founder of the AI startup that developed the bot, and Rachel Weber, Reddit’s Brand Strategy Lead for Entertainment, will chat about the unique power of Reddit’s communities, what brands and marketers can learn from this activation, and how its success can be replicated by embracing the discipline of “community marketing.”

Liz Snower  Haptik

Liz Snower

Rachel Weber  Reddit

Rachel Weber

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