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Love For Live: Why IRL Experiences Are The Key To Engaging Digital Natives

In today’s digitized world, it’s easier than ever to connect to people, but harder than ever to connect with people. More than two-thirds of 15- to 24-year-olds around the world say that now more than ever, they feel the need to experience real life as opposed to digital life. Live music fills this desire, bringing people together and fostering genuine human connection. Despite Gen Z’s reputation as digitally dependent, they are fueling the growth of festivals and concerts, with live music outpacing the growth of digital and recorded music.

In this session, Live Nation share results of their groundbreaking global study, “The Power Of Live” tested through biometrics, quantitative, and qualitative methods, including research at festivals, amphitheaters, and clubs around the world. They’ll show why live music is essential to Gen Z, and why the emotional intensity of live music events makes them much more open and receptive to brands, with these insights backed by science. Expect actionable and meaningful takeaways around how brands can harness live music experiences to better engage Gen Z.

Amanda Fraga  Live Nation

Amanda Fraga
Live Nation

Emily Anatole  Live Nation

Emily Anatole
Live Nation

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