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Panel: How Traditional Brands Are Reinventing For Gen Z

There are lots of exciting new brands around, but how are traditional brands reinventing themselves to resonate and better connect with a new generation of consumers? Our panel will discuss the value of familiar, trustworthy brands in a fast-moving marketplace, how to ensure your brand is perceived as ‘iconic’ not ‘dated’ and how they have adapted their offering to a digital and mobile-first age generation. Our line-up:

  • Tal Hirshberg - Product Manager for Entertainment & Public Affairs at Starbucks - with a wealth of experience harnessing emerging content and media to optimise in-store experiences for the Gen Z consumer.

  • Nate Poekert - Global Director of Communications, Innovation & Brand Strategy at MINI - BMW Group - delivering brand innovation in all manner of creative ways from ‘beyond car’ initiatives, to vocal advocacy of diversity and inclusion.

  • Meaghan Morelli - Director of Digital Content at Subway - bringing extensive expertise in using content strategy and social media to transform the narratives between brands and young consumers.

  • Jennifer Fisher - Senior Director of North America e-Commerce at Crocs - a brand epitomising reinvention, with their once ‘fashion faux-pas’ footwear now achieving a massive resurgence in popularity with Gen Z.


Bob Gearing  Social Bakers

Bob Gearing
Social Bakers



Jennifer Fisher  Crocs

Jennifer Fisher

Tal Hirshberg  Starbucks

Tal Hirshberg

Meaghan Morelli  Subway

Meaghan Morelli

Nathan Poekert  MINI - BMW Group

Nathan Poekert
MINI - BMW Group

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