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Why students love brands

For any brand with students as a key demographic, the first 100 days of College life are the most important. It is a unique moment in their lives where they are on a journey of new identity and new beginnings, the start of the next chapter in their life. This breeds an environment that allows brands to truly connect with youth, to engage and interact with an audience that is completely open and experimental in their quest to feel and experience new things. This is the start of a relationship between a brand and student that can and does last a lifetime. It's a unique window and opportunity for brands to connect and reconnect to a listening market. Tim will be sharing how brands in the UK are effectively marketing to students and making the most of these key 100 days. Tim will also explore exactly what students want from brands, what catches their vied for attention and what makes them try new brands.

Tim Bodenham  BAM

Tim Bodenham

Earlier Event: October 3
Afternoon Coffee Break
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