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How traditional brands are reinventing for Gen Z

There are lots of exciting new brands around, but how are traditional brands reinventing themselves to resonate and better connect with a new generation of consumers? Our panel will discuss the value of familiar, trustworthy brands in a fast-moving marketplace, how to ensure your brand is perceived as ‘iconic’ not ‘dated’ and how they have adapted their offering to a digital and mobile-first age generation. 

Why we're excited:

  • Rob Souriall is about to celebrate his 20th anniversary since starting his career at The Walt Disney Company in 1998. His team have been behind the success of Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars and more! 
  • Alison Gough is the Head US Analyst at Stylus and has 12 years experience specializing in consumer attitudes.
  • Benoit Racle is a Senior Director at AC Hotels by Marriott, leading the effort in defining guest experience for over 120 hotels around the world. 
  • As the Senior Director, Global Brand at Converse, Amber Finlay puts her obsession with fashion and youth culture to use every day, developing creative content infused with the daring spirit of youth that drives Converse.
  • Nicole Lauchaire oversees marketing and branding for Varsity Spirit, making the worldwide leader in cheerleading and dance team camps as relevant to young girls today as it was in the 1970s. 

Find out more about our panel:


Alison Gough  Stylus

Alison Gough



Amber Finlay  Converse

Amber Finlay

Nicole Lauchaire  Varsity Spirit

Nicole Lauchaire
Varsity Spirit

Benoit Racle  AC Hotels by Marriott

Benoit Racle
AC Hotels by Marriott

Rob Souriall  Disney Music / Hollywood Records

Rob Souriall
Disney Music / Hollywood Records

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