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How to reach Gen Z IRL - the power of experiences

Contrary to popular belief, Gen Zers don't always have their eyes glued to their phones. How are brands successfully reaching young people in real life and outside of the digital world that they are so immersed in?

Why we're excited:

  • Silent disco yoga at 6am? Radha Agrawal's empire is trying to change the world, one early morning rave at a time.

  • Marian Barrett is Event Manager at New York magazine where her team conceptualizes and produces events across all of New York Media’s brands such as New York, The Cut, and Vulture.

  • Heather Berko was the mastermind behind JetBlue's Pie in the Sky campaign where they delivered pizza from NY to LA.

  • Alison Flood heads up Brand Experience globally for BuzzFeed, making the most fun and exciting in-person experience for one of the best websites on the Internets.

  • Jen Kling works across multiple projects at EA, taking digital experiences out to the real world including the recently launched 99 club for Madden.

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Kat Love  Prologue

Kat Love

Radha Agrawal  Daybreaker

Radha Agrawal

Marian Barrett  New York Magazine

Marian Barrett
New York Magazine

Heather Berko  JetBlue Airways

Heather Berko
JetBlue Airways

Alison Flood  Buzzfeed

Alison Flood

Jen Kling  Electronic Arts

Jen Kling
Electronic Arts

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