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Gen Y vs. Gen Z: How apps impact, engage and appeal to youth users

App developers must consider their target audience when creating products. This can be difficult when the expectations of users are always changing.

This is partly due to the fact that different age groups tend to want different features and experiences from a mobile app. Developers who’ve focused on creating products that appeal to younger Millennials (also known as Gen Y) must be ready to adapt to the tastes of Generation Z.

Bobby Gill, CTO at Blue Label Labs will host a panel of creators of some of the most engaging apps for young people today, discussing what makes Generation Z unique and how to better personalize their experiences.  

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Bobby Gill  Blue Label Labs

Bobby Gill
Blue Label Labs



Cooper Jones  Rah Rah Health

Cooper Jones
Rah Rah Health

Tanya Junell  Blue Label Labs

Tanya Junell
Blue Label Labs

Lauren Sobin  Keepers Live

Lauren Sobin
Keepers Live

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