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Creating Champions Not Influencers

How can you harness culture and community to grow a brand? Our panel of experts will discuss the benefits of working with content creators to create fandom in their own space.

This panel will discuss relationship building with Influencers and how making them Brand Ambassador's has changed everything. Panelists will share what they have learned from both their success' and mistakes and how Influencer Marketing has impacted their marketing strategy overall.

Why we're excited:

  • Fashion influencers have been key in making Gymshark the fastest growing sportswear brand in the last 3 years. Elliot Myers will share how influencer-generated content has fuelled their rapid rise.

  • COPA90 works with a team of hundreds of content creators to bring new and innovative perspectives on soccer to fans and communities around the world.

  • As Head of Creative Solutions at SocialCode, Tom Lyons provides the data and insight behind social and influencer campaigns for a host of brand clients.


Gloria Stitt  InfluencerDB

Gloria Stitt


Find out more about our panel:

Kate Durkin  Ketchum

Kate Durkin

Elliot Myers  Gymshark

Elliot Myers

Will McDonough  COPA90

Will McDonough

Tom Lyons  SocialCode

Tom Lyons

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