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Creating Champions Not Influencers

How can you harness culture and community to grow a brand? Our panel of experts will discuss the benefits of working with content creators to create fandom in their own space.

Why we're excited:

  • Fashion influencers have been key in making Gymshark the fastest growing sportswear brand in the last 3 years. Elliot Myers will share how influencer-generated content has fuelled their rapid rise.

  • COPA90 works with a team of hundreds of content creators to bring new and innovative perspectives on soccer to fans and communities around the world.

  • As Head of Creative Solutions at SocialCode, Tom Lyons provides the data and insight behind social and influencer campaigns for a host of brand clients.


  Gloria Stitt  InfluencerDB

Gloria Stitt


Find out more about our panel:

  Elliot Myers  Gymshark

Elliot Myers

  Will McDonough  COPA90

Will McDonough

  Tom Lyons  SocialCode

Tom Lyons

Later Event: October 3
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