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An Influencer's Perspective

This panel of well know influencers will share what goes into deciding on brand partnerships, lessons they have learned and how to balance the needs of the brand without compromising their own personal brand.

Why we're excited:

  • Lindsey Metselaar is host of a podcast about Millennial dating in NYC and a food Instagram influencer @dontexpectsalads which has over 82k followers.

  • Cecilie Lind is a personal trainer, body fitness athlete and fitness model. She has over 110k followers on Instagram and works with a number of brands including JOE & THE JUICE.

  • Steffy Degreff is the writer and photographer behind her fashion and style blog Steffy's Pros and Cons. She has over 250k+ followings on Instagram.

Find out more about our panel:

Lindsey Metselaar  We Met At Acne

Lindsey Metselaar We Met At Acne

Cecilie Lind  The Protein Kitchen

Cecilie Lind
The Protein Kitchen

Steffy Degreff  @steffy

Steffy Degreff

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