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Exploring the Digital Identity of Viewers in the NextGen Economy

Think about the first time you wanted to create a social media account. You first needed to sign up for an email address. With the setup of that one account, you opened your digital gateway and began establishing your unique digital identity with the press of a button. In an effort to better understand how today’s consumers are adopting and interacting with brands in this new consumer economy driven by ease and convenience, Hulu set out to uncover the progression of our digital journeys and the impact that has for brands to uniquely engage with a new generation of hyper connected consumers.   

Join Asaf Davidov, Director, Ad Sales Research at Hulu, to take a closer look at consumers’ digital footprint and how that has shifted Gen Y & Gen Z’s viewing habits and impacted advertising expectations from brands.

Asaf Davidov  Hulu

Asaf Davidov

Earlier Event: October 3
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