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Youth panel: live Q&A

Quiz our panel of young people and bust any misconceptions you may have on the attitudes, values and behaviours of this honest and open generation.

Why we're excited:

  • Evelyn Atieno is Editor in chief of Affinity Magazine, a platform that allows teenagers to produce their own news content about social justice and entertainment.

  • Jared Newman is an analyst at betaworks ventures following his double major in Applied Mathematics and English at Yale University.

  • Jonah Stillman has co-written a book with his dad on Gen Z's attitudes to the workplace and is considered a voice of his generation.

  • Julien Rosenbloom is a sophomore in the School of Arts and Sciences at Rutgers University-New Brunswick where he directs lobbying efforts of the Student Assembly as chair of the Legislative Affairs Committee.

  • Julia Chang is a high school student and the Executive Director of Redefy (, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating youth about harmful stereotyping and prejudice internationally via journalism and resource creation.


Simon Eder  Voxburner

Simon Eder


Find out more about our panel:

Evelyn Atieno  Affinity Magazine

Evelyn Atieno
Affinity Magazine

Julia Chang  Redefy

Julia Chang

Julien Rosenbloom  JÜV Consulting

Julien Rosenbloom
JÜV Consulting

Jared Newman  betaworks ventures

Jared Newman
betaworks ventures

Jonah Stillman  Gen Z @ Work

Jonah Stillman
Gen Z @ Work

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