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The Action Generation - Not Just Another Social Good Panel

Traditionally it's been said that brands don't get involved in politics. However as more and more young people are taking action with the goal of making the world they live in a better place, this current generation are driving brands to get involved and make a change. Our panel will discuss which issues and causes young people are most passionate about, whether there is a place for brands in the world of activism and how brands can successfully tie in social initiatives efforts with marketing efforts.

Why we're excited:

  • Joi Freeman overseas teen and youth marketing at the YMCA's national office and is focused on helping brands to support youth in being engaged in the world.
  • Giovanni Corrado is a 21 year old United Nations Youth Ambassador and runs a non-profit organization mobilizing students and aiding orphans around the world.
  • Fancy trying insect ice cream? The Economist is passionate about how the world will need to rethink it's approach to food and sustainability. 
  • Doug Prusoff is at the heart of an organization changing the face of men's health with an incredible goal of reducing the number of men dying prematurely by 25% by 2030. 
  • Hostelling International USA believes travel is just the first step in effecting positive social impact are focused on making sure their hostels are environmentally responsible.

Find out more about our panel:


Joi Freeman  YMCA of the USA

Joi Freeman
YMCA of the USA



Giovanni Corrado  Next Generation First Foundation

Giovanni Corrado
Next Generation First Foundation

Nana DeFranco  The Economist

Nana DeFranco
The Economist

Doug Prusoff  Movember Foundation

Doug Prusoff
Movember Foundation

Netanya Trimboli  Hostelling International USA

Netanya Trimboli
Hostelling International USA

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