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Representing youth: Marketing to diverse teens

Conversations around diversity still aren’t happening enough - how can people in marketing be accountable for making sure representation happens?

Our panel of experts uncover how brands are adapting to be relevant to evolving communities and identities amongst young people, the importance of having a diverse creative team in order to create content that is inclusive and appeals to young people from all backgrounds as well as the challenges of representing diversity and how to avoid being accused of tokenism or cultural appropriation.

Why we're excited:

  • Fatimah Asghar is the co-creator and writer of Emmy nominated series Brown Girls that was bought by HBO as well as a nationally touring poet, performer, educator, and writer.

  • Ebony LaDelle, Senior Marketing Manager at HarperCollins, works specifically to help authors from diverse backgrounds get into the publishing industry and to ensure YA authors are representative of society in the characters and books they create.

  • Emily Miethner, Founder of FindSpark set up an ad school programme alongside advertising agency Grey to help young people from diverse backgrounds break into the creative industry

  • Lucy Jones, Founder of FFORA designs and sells clothes from her own fashion label that creates products with a “disability first” focus that are fashionable and adaptive to wheelchair users.

  • Meredith Talusan, Senior Content Editor at THEM., is an award winning journalist and writer for Conde Nast's first news publication that tells stories through the lens of today's LGBTQ community.

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Paige Popdan  PrideMedia

Paige Popdan



Fatimah Asghar  If They Come For Us

Fatimah Asghar
If They Come For Us

Lucy Jones  FFORA

Lucy Jones

Ebony Ladelle  HarperCollins

Ebony Ladelle

Emily Miethner  FindSpark

Emily Miethner

Meredith Talusan  THEM.

Meredith Talusan

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