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Digital Creative Strategies For Engaging The Youth Demographic

Digital audiences are getting younger as quickly as they are growing. This audience isn’t just technologically literate, they’re technologically gifted. They use the online world to form connections and strengthen bonds—and they want brands to do the same. Led by the experts in synchronized digital branding, Undertone, this session will illuminate the best ways to use digital creative to reach Millennials and Gen Z at every online touchpoint in a synchronized, authentic way. Learn how cross-platform storytelling through captivating digital creative can help brands find, keep, and engage with the youth demographic.


Samantha Lopez  Undertone

Samantha Lopez



Stephanie Borges  Six Flags

Stephanie Borges
Six Flags

Jasmin Malone  Truth Initiative

Jasmin Malone
Truth Initiative

Jaime Nash  Undertone

Jaime Nash

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