Sophia Latessa

Sophia Latessa
Founder & CEO

Sophia Latessa is a 16-year-old tech entrepreneur and Founder & CEO of MemeStream.

She started coding in early middle school and founded her own tech company at age 15. This year she launched her app MemeStream, a social platform that allows users to communicate back and forth through the cultural phenomenon of memes. She was among the first to recognize that memes have enormous marketing and advertising potential to reach young audiences in Generation Z. When not at work on her company or attending high school, she is a competitive fencer. She has been featured on USA Today’s live podcast and Retail Wire, among others, and lives in Los Angeles.

At YMS NYC this year Sophia is looking forward to connecting with like-minded people interested in the energy and creativity of her generation. She is inspired by the success of others and by people who pursue seemingly impossible dreams. She is also interested in connecting with youth marketing gatekeepers to establish partnerships that position MemeStream for success. Lastly, Sophia wants to bring her meme expertise to the event and educate marketers on the do's and don'ts of meme marketing.