Jasmin Malone


Jasmin Malone
Managing Director, Marketing
Truth Initiative

Jasmin Malone is the managing director of marketing at Truth Initiative®, America's largest nonprofit public health organization dedicated to making tobacco use a thing of the past. At Truth Initiative, Jasmin plays a critical role in the development of truth®, the national award-winning tobacco prevention counter-marketing campaign that speaks to youth and young adults on their terms, through the channels they understand and trust. truth delivers the facts about the health effects and social consequences of tobacco use and the marketing tactics of the tobacco industry so that youth and young adults can make informed decisions and influence others to do the same.

Before joining Truth Initiative, Malone played an integral role at a small advertising agency, working with top entertainment companies and cable networks. A true West Coast girl at heart, Malone was born and raised in sunny Southern California, but has conceded that Washington, D.C., is now her home. She is the mother of a four-year-old son and one-year-old twin girls, and wants her children to grow up in a tobacco-free world.