Alexandra Chalat

Managing Director
Beyond Sport

Alexandra is the Managing Director of Beyond Sport, which convenes, funds and supports organisations using sport as a tool for social change. After joining in 2008, Lex helped the organisation grow from the ground up while also co-founding thinkBeyond, a sister advisory firm that provides ways for governments, companies and charities across the world to create positive social change using sport.

She’s curated gatherings in cities around the world for thousands of people, where hundreds of high-level experts in politics, tech, innovation, shared-value and ethics speak, engage and debate on sport’s role in hard-hitting issues like the refugee crisis, youth gun crime and religious an ethnic divides.

She’s led on projects that have included developing ESPN’s community engagement approach in South America, creating ways NGOs can educate young people in ISIS affected territories using soccer, activating the International Olympic Committee's Sport for All policies, and finding new ways BT Sport can engage younger, socially conscious fans.

She's also helped advise influential entities from the Holy See to the World Economic Forum to the US State Dpt, to the Qatari Ministry of Sport and Youth on the opportunity sport provides to enable social change.

She is the former Curator of the London Hub of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers, a group of young leaders nominated for their potential to lead change in society, and sits on various advisory boards including the Women’s Sport Network, Urban Soccer Collaborative, Pioneers In Sports Policy and The Cup Effect. She was named one of the ‘10 Next to Watch in Sport to Under 30’ in 2012 by SportsPro Magazine, was Shortlisted for the Women of the Future Awards in 2013, and has been nominated as a “Business Woman of the Year” in 2017 by Acquisition International.

A graduate of University of Pennsylvania and London School of Economics, she cut her teeth as a journalist, columnist, and newspaper editor in some of the toughest parts of inner-city Philadelphia and New York, where she found her passion for the subject of unique catalysts for social change. She has appeared on BBC’s 5Live Radio and Sky News and has published pieces in The New Yorker, the Junket Quarterly, Huffington Post, Art in London Magazine and Art Review Magazine.