Angela Fernandez

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Angela Fernandez
Ketchum Public Relations

A youth marketing strategist and creative planner for Ketchum, Angela’s passion is studying the pop culture phenomena that is shaping and influencing the post-millennial generation of creators and realists. She leads the agency’s Generation Z specialty, studying Gen Z insights to help redefine and reinvent ways to capture the attention of – and combat boredom among -- this pragmatic young consumer. Angela also co-leads a specialty Ketchum calls “GenZennials” – a microgeneration of millennials born after 1992 and members of Gen Z born in 2000.
Playing in the kids’ space for 18 years, Angela has strategized with some of the hottest must-have kids brands, including Barbie, Hot Wheels, Power Rangers, Hello Kitty, Strawberry Shortcake and Tamagotchi. She is also in demand as a speaker at events such as Fast Company’s Meeting of the Most Creative Minds and the Marketing to Gen Z Conference. Angela is a Gen X mom to two Gen Z girls whose entrepreneurial approach to the world inspires and surprises her daily.