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Rob Smith

Founder, The Phluid Project

Rob Smith is founder and CEO of Phluid Project, which is part retail concept, part experiential platform, and completely gender neutral. Recognizing the rising voice of youth and their rejection of binaries, The Phluid Project is committed to redefining gender labels and creating a place where strangers, allies, friends—people—can unapologetically be themselves.

Rob Smith is a seasoned retail all-star executive serving roles such as former Global Chief Product Officer at Haddad Brands, EVP GMM at Victoria’s Secret and EVP GMM at Macy’s. Throughout his tenure Rob has maintained a consistent community focus as Chair for the Hetrick Martin Institute as well as fundraiser and activist for broader human rights efforts.

Looking for the opportunity to merge his professional career with his greatest passion, Rob brings us The Phluid Project, a brand that stands at the forefront of the burgeoning gender revolution with a purposeful stance to challenge boundaries with humanity.