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Social ed 101: Lessons from the social architects of student-focused brands

Community is a fundamental part of the college experience. After all, the term “university,” comes from a Latin word that describes it as such. Every school has its traditions and quirky social customs, some going back centuries and some that drift in and out with each generation.

How does college life at the U play out in social media and what can brands learn from the community builders and thought leaders who are harnessing platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, to engage with students and enhance the college experience everyday? Hear from the social architects of student-focused brands about the types of engagements students value most and strategies for:

  • Using social media to become a part of the college experience
  • Keeping up with the demands of developing and distributing consistent, creative and fun content across multiple platforms
  • Leveraging students as community-builders or content creators without losing brand identity
  • Getting students to participate in and share promotional opportunities

Panel moderator:

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