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Navigating the digital language of youth: emojis and beyond

The language of young people changes at a frightening pace with tech a key driver, so how can your brand keep up with visual slang, emojis, GIFS, in-chat messaging and podcasts? From group Facetime-style apps Houseparty to Fam, young people are chatting in new mediums and marketers need a new way to navigate to ensure no #FOMO occurs.

  • Explore how young people are communicating in 2017 and find out the next big thing to follow emoji marketing.
  • Understand how visual communications personalise a message beyond words and how brands are tapping in to create an emotional connection with a youth audience.
  • Learn from the brands that have successfully incorporated digital language into their marketing campaigns.
  • Understand which platforms and apps young people are using to communicate and how brands can have a presence without coming off as the odd one out.

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Earlier Event: October 3
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