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Millennials & Money: The New Grownup Frontier

When it comes to Millennials, their generation is blanketed with a slew of stereotypes—they’re lazy, they’re entitled and they’re quick to spend on frivolous things. Despite the public perception of this age group, most adults in their 20s and 30s are actually really smart with their money, and constantly thinking about how to best plan for their future. Xiomara Lorenzo, Director of Society of Grownups, will share her insights into how young people really view their relationship with money, and how they are dealing with important Grownup decisions.


  • Discover what concerns young people have when it comes to financial well-being and confidence.
  • How do they feel about big decisions such as purchasing a home, saving for retirement or simply taking a vacation?
  • Understand how Society of Grownups has broken down the stigma around money and how they have successfully engaged young people to embrace judgement-free financial education.