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I See You: The Power of Human Connection

The power of human connection, when I stumbled across this concept a few years back, it hit me. Hard. To truly connect? What a powerful yet at times elusive feeling. The internal engine of my mind started to rumble. I began to muse how many of us could relate to living our lives without this magical, yet crucial emotional delicacy. We seek it. We yearn for it. We often don't find it. Yet the true magic of Humanity lies in our capacity to connect. To inspire. To belong. There are days when I am sure you do feel seen. There are days when I am sure you feel unseen. It is during the days that we feel seen that our spirit soars. Our life force expands. Our authentic power blossoms. See and be seen, that's the goal of this speech.

I had spent the majority of my life feeling disempowered by others around me. Once I realized there were so many people like me all over the world I began to put my theory to the test. I travelled across the UK, Europe and the USA on the equivalent of $5 a day relying solely on the kindness of others. I did this to prove that if you make others feel seen it can create a kindness epicentre. What starts with one act of kindness, exponentially grows as those people pay it forward. I've this happen in Denver where I met a homeless father walking the streets with his young son. I gave him $1,000 and put him up in a hotel. The story went viral and a random person set-up a GoFundMe account that raised over $50,000 for him. He then went on to give it all back to the Denver homeless community. Why is this concept important? Because we are all responsible for each other and no matter what people tell you, that will never change. Our best option is to connect and make each other feel seen.