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What the kids are talking about these days: Social media, gaming & AR/VR

Social Media and Gaming are either ingrained in the everyday life of young people today, while AR and VR are quickly on their way. Finding a way to integrate elements of these platforms into your overall brand strategy has never been more important.

- Social Media is important to no one more than youth. They are documenting every moment of their lives on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Because of this Social Media Influencers need to have a role in any brand’s marketing strategy. Learn how to make that happen for industry experts.
- Gamers from birth, the youth are driving the incredible statistic that 90% of spend in the Google Play Store and 75% of spend on Apple App Store comes from games. Incorporate gaming and gaming elements into brand strategy or risk missing out on where the real money (and time) is being spent.
- Understand how young people are incorporating AR/VR into their lives and their content streams.


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