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That’s edutainment: A new spin on driving brand awareness through education

Innovative, youth-focused brands know that entertainment and remarkable experiences are often key to capturing the limited attention of today’s 16-24YOs. But to create a lasting impression, brands must creatively connect with youth on an emotional level. Programs that help students grow their skills and talents, make their voices heard, or unleash their creativity will earn their respect and loyalty. Learn how brands are blending entertainment with once-in-a-lifetime learning experiences to engage high school and college students and how everyone’s benefiting in the process.   

  • How Chegg promotes its online tutoring product by giving students 1:1 access to influential entertainers, sports stars and business/political leaders 
  • How the “truth” campaign is spreading anti-tobacco awareness and action through on-campus entertainment events like the High School Nation Tour and Music 101
  • How MTVU’s new show, “Campus Takeover,” is putting students in charge of producing their own online entertainment content in a reality-based series highlighting college life on campus 

The panel with share their success stories, biggest hurdles and insights around:

  • Finding the right talent— what to look for from influencers, artists and athletes
  • Establishing a mutually-beneficial program for key talent, decision-makers, the brand and most of all, the student
  • Ensuring the brand’s objectives remain authentic to the edutainment experience
  • What’s next? – thinking ahead about content strategy and distribution

Panel Moderator

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