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ARE YOU READY FOR GEN Z?: Insights Into the Next Consumer Wave

“ARE YOU READY FOR GEN Z?: Insights Into the Next Consumer Wave” takes you inside the guiding forces shaping the next generation of youth, and explores how these new and powerful consumers are both Anti-Millennials in some ways and Amplified Millennials in others.

Open Mind Strategy has dug into the heads, hearts, hopes, hungers, habits, homes & #hashtags of countless Gen Z consumers, analyzing their evolution from little kids to driven, cynical teenagers and marveling in the impact that they are having on their peers, their parents and the world around them.
This exploration into the drivers of the Gen Z mindset will help brands and marketers make the transition from focusing on Millennials as THE youth generation to comprehending this new breed of youth. Gain actionable insights into:
· Why your labels just won’t apply
· How early specialization is shaping daily behaviors and future planning
· The reality of youth anxiety today
· Social image curation
· How the return of cool and uncool is driving opinion

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