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Representing youth: Marketing to diverse teens

Conversations around diversity still aren’t happening enough - how can people in marketing be accountable for making sure representation happens?

Our panel of experts uncover how brands can be relevant and represent the real lives of young people.

Discussion topics:

  • How are brands adapting to be relevant to evolving communities and identities amongst young people?
  • The importance of having a diverse creative team in order to create content that is inclusive and appeals to young people from all backgrounds.
  • Partnering with influencers, media and organisations to encourage diversity.
  • The challenges of representing diversity - how to avoid being accused of tokenism or cultural appropriation.


  Ebony Ladelle  HarperCollins

Ebony Ladelle

  Emily Miethner  FindSpark

Emily Miethner

Later Event: October 2
Keynote from Social Chain